*Prices and availibility subject to change
Warning! Don't look directly into these lights, as it may cause eye damage!
Flood Light

Super bright LED's make this flood light ideal for "research" subs. These light units run on 12 volts and only draw about 200ma per unit. The flood light body is now molded in yellow plastic to match the Neptune SB-1!  Now over 1.5 million MCD per unit!!!



or $40 each

1" Round Spot Light

Each Spot light has (8) high intensity, ultra bright 5mm, 28,500 MDC LEDs with a viewing angle of only 15 degrees! Each spot light yields nearly 230,000 MCD! The spot lights are only 1" in diameter and 1.5" long!  Because of the very narrow viewing angle these spot lights seem as bright as our flood lights.  Pre-wired and ready to install. Mounting bracket included. Each spot light draws approximately 100ma @ 12 volts.


or $45 each

Lighted Bow Ring

Our new Lighted Bow Ring mounts inside the nose of the Neptune. No more bulky exterior lights and no more increased drag on the model.  This lighted ring contains 12 ultra high intensity 10mm LEDs with a combined outoput equivalent to 3 of our flood lights!  That's nearly 4.5 million MCD!  The light ring runs on 12 volts and only draws 450 ma per unit.  Pre-wired and ready to install!