*Prices and availibility subject to change
Multi-function light board

Our new Multi-function board is an ideal add-on to any model. Its small size and light weight allows for easy installation in almost all models. Adjustible flash timing and speed makes this device perfect for any model.
12 volt version is ideal for ships or subs.
5 volt version works perfectly for aircraft lighting.
1.5" long x 1.125" wide x .375" thick. Adjustable flash frequency and delay. Will drive (2) flashing High Power white LEDs, (1) flashing Red LED & constant on Red & Green LEDs
Light Board $55.00

Light Board and LEDs  $89.00
Navigation light set

Pre-wired red & green LED's are ready to install in the NEPTUNE. This light set runs on 12 volts and has a draw of about 50ma.  Green (starboard) light can be seen in the right photo. The Red (port) light can be seen in the left photo.