Frequently Asked Questions
8. How do you see it when it's underwater?
R/C submarines are like R/C airplanes in many respects. One of them is, that you don’t drive your sub where you can’t see it. Responsible R/C pilots never fly their planes into the clouds… Therefore, if the water in your pond is cloudy, you keep the boat at periscope depth and you keep it close to you. If you’re lucky enough to run where the water is clear, then you can operate your model deeper.
9. Are submarines hard to build?
Not any more! Submarine kits now come with many pre-fabricated parts making their assembly easier than ever before. Even a beginner can build the entry level ALBACORE. And for the more adventurous, with a higher level of building ability, the 1:72 scale Los Angeles would be a good choice. If you’ve built a scale surface ship or fast electric boat, you can build a submarine.
10. What kind of submarine should I build?
The first rule of sub building is that you must like the model you’re building. Second, keep it simple! Too many first time submarine builders start with projects that are too complicated. Remember, you had to learn to walk, before you could run! (Although some parents out there might disagree with me on this point.) The same applies to building R/C submarines. Keep your first model simple, usually a “nuke” style submarine. You can always build that dream WWII U.S. Fleet Boat or German U-Boat later.