Frequently Asked Questions
1. Do Radio signals penetrate water?
YES. The radio signals from standard off-the-shelf R/C units will penetrate fresh water, but will not  penetrate salt water.  2.4 GHZ radio signals will not penetrate water.
2. Do I need to run my antenna outside my model submarine?
Not in fresh water. The receiver antenna can be inside your model and it will receive radio signals from a standard R/C transmitter. Simply run the antenna along the inside of the hull.  
3. How Deep do they go?
All the way to the bottom! But seriously, the operational depth of the model depends on its internal construction. Most model submarines have an operational depth of between 2 and 8 feet.
4. What kind of batteries do they use?
R/C submarines can use Ni-cad, Ni-mh or sealed lead-acid batteries. The kind of battery used is usually dependant on the size of the model. Small model submarines  generally use Ni-cad or Ni-Mh batteries. Larger models tend to use sealed lead-acid batteries. NOTE: Li-Po batteries are extremely dangerous and should only be used by modellers familiar with this kind of battery.