Displacement Systems
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Ballast Pump

The Ballast Pumpis a relatively high volume, low pressure pump which is capable of pumping in either direction. Recommended uses are as a bow thruster on small to medium size boats or as a ballast pump in submarines. When used as a ballast pump, a suitable valve is required to prevent water from entering the ballast tank when the pump is turned off. The Ballast Tank Valve is highly recommended. Minimum recommended voltage is 6 volts but best results are achieved when driven with 12 volts. Max current drain on the battery is less than 1 amp.

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Ballast Tank Valve

The Ballast Tank Valve incorporates two one-way valves within its small housing and is specifically designed to be used with the Ballast Pump in submarine ballast systems. Operation is essentially automatic in that it relies on pressure differential to operate. When water is being pumped into the tank, the resulting pressure lifts the exhaust valve allowing air to escape. When water is being pumped out of the tank, the intake valve opens allowing air to be pulled into the tank.
Reversing Module

 The Reversing Module turns your dual function electronic switch into a motor reversing control. Perfect for controlling bow thrusters or water pumps. (Switch not included)