U.S.S. Albacore
*Prices and availibility subject to change
Skill Level: BEGINNER

Length - 40 " Beam - 5 3/8"
Designed with the beginner in mind, the USS Albacore kit is simple to assemble, easy to operate, and is inexpensive. The kit includes: hull, sail, and control surfaces, easy access pressure hull, complete drive system, complete ballast system, in fact everything needed to get you in the water except speed control, battery (6 cell 7.2 volt pack), and radio (min. three channels required). The ballast system is pump operated and consists of a high volume, low drain reversible pump. Completely submerged operation requires only moderate forward speed.(Length - 40 " Beam - 5 3/8")
Quantities are limited. Only 3 kits left!
  • USS Albacore Kit: Hull, water tight compartment, drive unit, ballast tank and pump, linkages, instruction booklet, full size drawing and prop
  • USS Albacore Basic Package: Albacore kit, Viper 10 Electronic Speed Control, Pitch Control
  • USS Albacore Deluxe Kit: Albacore kit, Viper 10 Electronic Speed Control, Pitch Control, NMH27 Battery, 4 channel Radio System.