Dumas Akula
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Length 33 inches Beam 4 inches

The Akula is an easy to assemble sport scale model of a Russian nuclear attack sub. Each kit includes all the necessary running hardware for its single screw drive line. Simply supply a 6v motor, an electronic speed control, a 7.2v battery pack, and your three channel radio, and you are good to go. Designed for pool use, the Akula contains all the molded plastic parts to bring the model to life. The enhanced building manual will walk you step by step through the successful completion of you model. So dive into the fun with the Dumas submarine AKULA.
  • Akula kit with upgraded drive shaft and push rod seals.
  • Akula Basic Package includes: Akula Kit, 380 Drive System, MicroViper10 and UPC-1.
  • Akula Deluxe Package includes: Akula Kit, 380 Drive System, Viper20, UPC-1, 6-cell 7.2 volt battery and 4-Channel Radio System.