*Prices and availibility subject to change
We are very pleased to announce that we secured a substantial supply of name brand 4 and 6 channel radios on 75MHZ.
The radio control (R/C) system is the heart of our hobby. The first thing you need to decide is how much you want your model to do. For each control function, you need one channel of control. The typical uses of the control channels in RC submarines are:
1 Control Channel....Rudder
2 Control Channel...Diving Planes
3 Control Channel....Speed Control
4 Control Channel....Ballast System
Our radio systems include: Transmitter with rechargeable batteries and charger, Micro Receiver, 1 standard servo and Switch harness.
Radio Systems:
4 Channel Radio Systems
6 Channel Radio Systems

Radio Receivers:

4 Channel Receivers

6 Channel Receivers

Our radio systems are fully compatible with our line of switches and fail-safe units.